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Treatment Guidelines


Please complete this form
prior to your hair, nails and beauty appointment

Hairdressing, Nail and Beauty Services 

At VA Salon London, health and safety of both clients and members of staff is our key priority. The following risk assessment both identifies and seeks to minimise possible risk factors that may arise during your visit of VA Salon London. The resulting guidelines set out recommendations to ensure that every measure is taken to ensure the treatment is carried out in the safest possible conditions.

Preparing for the appointment.

You will be asked to take your temperature prior to your appointment. A healthy temperature range falls between 36.5 and 37.5 degrees centigrade. If the temperature falls outside of the normal range you should be encouraged to seek medical advice before proceeding with an appointment. If symptoms of fever are evident, the appointment should be cancelled or postponed.

If you, anyone living with you, or anyone the client has come in contact with are experiencing any symptoms of respiratory illness (a raised temperature, a new, persistent cough or cold, regardless of whether they believe it’s COVID-19) you should reschedule your appointment, heeding self-isolation guidelines.

Please be advised that if you have allergies, you should take an antihistamine at least 4 hours prior to the appointment to minimise the risk of sneezing. If you are suffering particularly badly and think that an antihistamine tablet won’t minimise the risk, the appointment should be rescheduled.

Please remove all jewellery before the start of your appointment and put it in a safe place.

Please make sure hair is adequately pinned/held away from your face in order to limit the need to touch your face (not required for hair appointments).

Please do not bring friends or family, including children, in the salon.

Please arrive in time for your appointment. You will be given a time slot for your arrival. If more than one person waits outside, you might be asked to join the queue to enter the salon in order.  

Kindly note:

  1. We operate an appointment – only system. To book an appointment please call 020 7476 3272. We do not accept walk-in bookings. We recommend booking your treatments in good time beforehand.
  2. Please ring a doorbell upon arrival 
  3. No waiting area available in the salon. We practise a ‘one-in-one out’ policy
  4. No food or drinks allowed in the salon. Bottled water will be provided upon arrival. 
  5. We accept card payments only. We require a deposit payment for some appointments as well as for new clients. 
  6. No magazines, marketing  collateral, price list or hot/cold beverages to be available within the salon at the moment to limit spread of infection
  7. We need to know in advance if there is anything else that you would like to add to your appointment, as we most likely won’t be able to fit any extra request on a day

During the appointment. You will be asked to sanitise your hands thoroughly for 20 sec before and after wearing the PPE Kit* provided upon arrival. 

You will need to place your personal items in a provided hygiene bag. If you wear outerwear, you will be advised to hang up your items in a designated area yourself but ensure it will not be next to any other clothes or items. 

Wear a mask or face covering for as much of the appointment as possible (i.e. only taking it off when the face needs to be handled). You may bring your own mask. Alternatively, we will provide you with a mask upon arrival. 

You are advised to maintain social distancing (1 to 2 metres) from other clients for the duration of the treatment. Social distancing applies to waiting rooms, reception and corridors, where applicable. 

Please avoid speaking directly, and if a mirror is available direct conversation through it (especially for hair appointments), otherwise face away from your stylist or therapist when speaking or ensure a 1 to 2-metre distance.

Avoid touching your face as much as possible. Please make sure hair is adequately pinned/held away from your face in order to limit the need to touch your face (not required for hair appointments).

Prior and during the treatment, you will be provided with disposable items to safely perform your treatment. 

  • Hair: Disposable Gown & Towels
  • Nails: Individual Nail Buff & File
  • Beauty: Disposable Towels, Spatulas & Wax Cartridges 

All other items will be thoroughly deselected and sterilised where applicable.

Washrooms. You will be allowed to use the bathroom when unoccupied. A designated client cabin should be used. One person at the time is allowed to use the bathroom. Please use disposable paper to cover a toilet seat, to touch the water tab and door handles. Disinfect the areas used with a disinfectant spray provided. 

Please wash your hands with soap and water or hydroalcoholic sanitising gel after using the bathroom and dry hands with either paper towels or hand dryer. 

After use of disposable paper items, please carefully dispose them in a refuse container with a hard cover and a foot pedal.

Payment system. Salon requires advanced payment of 25% of multiple appointments (2 and more), for an appointment of 60 minutes or longer as well as any appointment value estimated to be over £100 in order to secure the appointment. All of our lovely new clients may be asked to provide a 25% deposit to secure the first booking with us. In both cases, the advanced payment has to be made at the time of the booking of the appointment. The deposit will be taken off your final bill in the salon. Should 24 hours’ notice not be given to cancel an appointment, we reserve the right to not refund the deposit payment.

All returning clients who fail to turn up for an appointment as well as clients with a history of missing past appointments will be required to pay a deposit for their next service.

If you do not follow this policy any deposits paid will not be redeemable, for existing clients 25% of the amount of your services will be added to your next bill regardless if a replacement reservation is made. If you have chosen to pay in advance, we will refund 75% for cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice.

Appointment Cancellation. We value your time and we hope you value ours, so we require 24 hours notice for a cancellation or appointment change. Giving notice will help us re-schedule your service to a more convenient time.

If you’re running late please do let us know by phone, we’ll try to be flexible. We might not be able to accommodate you on your booked appointment if you are more than 15 minutes late. Being more than 30 minutes late automatically cancels your appointment.

Prepaid course appointments are deemed to be used and can not be reschedule if canceled within 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.

Loyalty card bonus appointments will be invalidated for no shows on scheduled appointments or when less than 24 hours notice for cancellation or re-scheduling is provided.

Failing to show up for your scheduled appointment or being late more than 30 min for an appointment 3 times can result in you being blacklisted and we might prevent you from making future bookings.

On-line Booking and Loyalty System. Our on-line booking is now available, while our loyalty system is temporally upgrading and plan to be resumed soon. You may also contact us to book an appointment on 020 7476 3262 / 07413241860 or via email: info@va-salon.com.

Patch Test. If you have allergies or are pregnant or a health condition that we need to know about, please tell us when booking. We are not responsible for possible allergic reactions caused by the products used in treatments. Therefore, skin test required at least 48 hours before any colour (tinting) services for colour clients. 

Sunbed / Tanning Services

In additional to aforementioned requirements, kindly note:

  1. We operate an appointment – only system. To book your sunbed session, please follow the link: https://phorest.com/book/salons/vasalon or book via our mobile app: https://link-to.app/2zqdooS5JfFiNJqnL5OYJg. We do not accept walk-in bookings.
  2. Prior to your first post-quarantine visit, it is compulsory to complete our Sunbed Client Form, which you will receive via email or SMS.
  3. We accept card payments only. 
  4. Please ring a doorbell upon arrival.
  5. No waiting area available in the salon. We practise a ‘one-in-one out’ policy. Please arrive for your appointment on time.
  6. Please sanitise your hands thoroughly for 20 sec upon arrival, before and after tanning session. You will also be asked to disinfect your shoes upon arrival. 
  7. Sunbed tokens will be provided at the Reception based on your booking request. No further time variations or extensions are allowed at the time of the booking.
  8. In the tanning room, you will be provided with disposables: mat and protective eyewear as well as sanitising gel and disinfecting spray to use before and after tanning treatment.
  9. A maximum occupancy rule applies. For sessions of 3 – 6 min, you will be allowed to occupy the room for 20 min; for 9 – 12/15 min sessions: 30 min. A member of staff will assist you with the front door.
  10. Tanning straps are not available to avoid cross-contamination.

VA Salon's Hairdressing COVID-19 Protocol