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After-Holiday Hair and Beauty Retreat at VA Salon London

Exclusive 20%OFF Package: Pick and Choose at least 2 services from our ‘Hair’and ‘Beauty’ list
Offer valid in August and September 2019


We get to make our friends jealous with our healthy tan, but we also have to make sure our skin transition well back to our normal London weather.
The damaging effects of the sun can really affect your skin, so it is recommended a deep clean to clear your pores from sunscreen, moisturizer, and dead cells.

Two amazing facials are on offer as part of VA Salon Retreat Package: Oxygen Facial and Hydrating Treatment.

1) Oxygen Facial:
• A deep cleanse to remove dull dead surface cells;
• Zaps blackheads, white heads, and milia;
• Reduces inflammation;
• Destroys acne-causing bacteria.

2) BDR Hydration Treatment:
• Deeply hydrates the skin;
• Strengthens the skin’s barrier to prevent moisture loss;
• Promotes natural hyaluronic acid production;
• Restores a radiant and glowing complexion;
• Reduces fine lines;
• Improves elasticity.


If you have returned from holiday with straw-like hair that has struggled in the hot sun, salty sea or chemically-rich swimming pool – fear not. There’s no need to walk back into the office with hair more frazzled than you left with, as we have miraculous Japanese treatment that will revive your hair fast:

Lebel “ Hair Healing” Ritual

1) Hair Treatment:

• Suitable for all hair types, this treatment aimed to bring second youth to the hair as well as restore its structure and replenish your hair moisture, bring back the elasticity and healthy natural shine. Enriched hair with ceramics, amino acids, proteins and on other transformative blend of ingredients that will strengthen your hair from the inside out.

2) Sculp Treatment:

• A dehydrated or sun-damaged scalp can also impact hair growth, investing in a scalp treatment will help restore necessary nutrients and minerals. A popular treatment in Japan for impeccably shiny and healthy hair is finally making its way to the UK — and our scalps are tingling just thinking about it.