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If you are looking for all year round radiance or simply want to prepare your skin for defence against holiday sun, then our UV Stand-Up sunbed is ideal.

With our sunbed you get the following amazing features:

  • Neck and shoulder tanners so you don’t get uneven tan marks
  • The TopCooler system enables you to set the temperature for optimal comfort
  • 48 powerful 200-Watt lamps offers the best vertical tanning
  • Air-conditioned room


Create A Personal Tan Plan

Our tanning professionals will help create a customised Personal Plan Tan according to skin type to help you achieve your tanning goals! Once we have created a customised Personal Tan Plan, we will suggest the sunbed timing and lotions that will work best for you.

Build a SMART Tan

  • Know your skin type
  • Build a tan safely and slowly and follow your recommended tanning schedule for your skin type.
  • Use lotion before and after tanning to maintain healthy skin, and a quality tan. Hydrated skin will hold a better tan! VA Salon offers after tanning lotion for FREE.
  • By law, you must use protective eyewear. VA Salon offers long-term and temporary eyewear for FREE.


Will the tanning lotion speed up the tanning process?

YES! The products VA Salon offers are designed to topically provide vitamins and skin care ingredients that may be depleted during tanning and many contain cosmetic bronzes to help you look darker faster.

Depending on your skin type and condition, you will tan 50% quicker with the use of a tanning lotion during your Sunbed session! VA Salon carries extensive line of self-tonners and premium tanning lotions that will help you maximise your tan but also leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

Moisturized skin tans quicker and stays tan longer. "TANNING WITHOUT A TANNING LOTION, IS LIKE WASHING YOUR HAIR WITH NO SHAMPOO"